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The purpose of the profiles is to give you a baseline of behavior and a record of progress. You can record your student's growth with respect to his or her previous behavior. The profiles will give you a way of capturing snapshots of behavior.

Managing effectively in the present consumes so much of our energy that we sometimes forget what behavior looked when we began our journey. By participating in the profiles, you will be able to capture the small week by week changes that add up to new levels of ability.

Also keep in mind that learning is frequently a series of spurts and plateaus, and even an occasional slump. By participating in the profiles you will have a longer view that the last week or the last month. (You may occasionally need this when a student who has been working with you conscientiously forgets, for a week or so, to bring home from school the books you need to support him or her.) Look back through your profiles and see the progress you've made. Keep on and you will continue to make progress!

Since the profiles contain feedback from other instructor-student teams, they also give you a general idea of what other families have experienced as they completed various lessons. While overall populations may demonstrate similarities in growth patterns, please keep in mind that your student will have his or her own unique path to learning.

Throughout the profiles we will use the "student" and "instructor" terminology to refer to children and parents or teachers.

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