IdeaChain is designed to improve reading (and listening) comprehension.
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IdeaChain is a product of MindPrime, Inc.

For adults and children...

Let me show you how to
Improve Reading Comprehension

by using a simple program that can be done at home or at school.

Jane Wilkinson

We can help you accomplish this goal by awakening and developing your...or your child's...ability to build mental pictures or images. We're talking about making dramatic improvements in basic understanding and memory. And you don't have to be a trained educator to do the program because it's completely scripted for you and organized in a developmentally appropriate manner. The way the program is designed, you will quickly learn the simple, step-by-step activities and strategies that can be done in your own home at your own pace or done at school. Adult learners are assigned a one-on-one coach.

I have used this step-by-step procedure to help others, and now you, too, can benefit from it. Using the same process used by professional educators, you are about to discover a positive way to build comprehension and to understand and remember more of what you read or hear. Once you're shown how to do the activities, you'll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is.

You'll benefit from my experience and expertise . . . .

I spent 10 years in the classroom and nine years afterward working directly with students and teachers in the field of reading, helping them to become better at reading words. During this time, I noticed a large group of students who could read adequately but couldn't understand or remember what they read. After many years of searching for a solution and a year and a half of building that solution, I now want to share it with you.

It's possible, yet unlikely, that you might discover these techniques on your own. So why not enjoy the success I have achieved in watching individuals awaken from within to see meaning, to understand what is going on around them orally and in print and to develop a love of learning.

My home study course...called IDEACHAIN...simplifies professional techniques into a logical process that anyone can easily learn and use! This course is available NOW to help you start improving your, or your child's, comprehension in your own home at your own pace TODAY.

Now, if you're ready to move forward -- read on!

I have successfully trained many parents including frustrated mothers, fathers and children with the IDEACHAIN program, and I will do the same with you. Everything you need to complete the program (other than a few magazine pictures you'll want to pull from your favorite magazines) is provided for you!

This program is designed to fit the active family no matter whether both parents work and are involved in church and community activities and the children are busy with band, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, or whatever! IDEACHAIN is written in such a way and is so flexible that you can do it just about anytime and anyplace. With a little effort, consistent practice and my careful guidance you can move yourself or your child to a new level of understanding within a matter of months.

Adult Learners are in a position to move forward more quickly. They are assigned a coach and scheduled for one-on-one sessions to teach the strategies. An adult learner leaves the coaching session with a complete practice plan and suggestions for how to apply the strategies at work or in their academic studies.

This Is What Parents and Educators Have to Say About IDEACHAIN

Kathy Whipple, Ph.D., Former Department Chairman, Communication Sciences and Speech Disorders, Baylor University, Waco, TX : "Thank you for the opportunity to review MindPrime’s IDEACHAIN program. I and several members of the department have examined the lessons. I think IDEACHAIN is a valuable supplemental material for parents, especially when a child has language difficulties. This is very basic material that establishes a foundation for communication between the child and parent."

Dainey D. Lege’, Ph.D., Former Professor of Education, Texas Southern University, Houston, TX: "…It was a privilege to review….MindPrime’s IDEACHAIN program. I found it to be educationally sound, clearly written and extremely exciting. So much is available for decoding but (until IDEACHAIN) nothing is currently on the market for comprehension with an emphasis on imaging. Congratulations on a wonderful concept and a job well done. It is my opinion that IDEACHAIN is an excellent tool for parents to use since it is well conceived, clear, simple to understand and meets a real need…."

Myrn McCord, Parent, Glide, Oregon: "Just a quick update on Laura (age 13, on Lesson 4): I am beginning to notice an improvement on Laura's grades and school work. . . .Today, in her language assignment, she needed to write compound sentences with a complete subject, complete predicate, predicate adjective and nominative. In the past her sentences have been . . .at best, maybe 6 words long. I was so amazed! Not only were her sentences complete, they were compound sentences loaded with more detail than she has ever written on her own. Yes, she wrote them on her own with no help from me. I know she is making that transition to abstract thinking, but this is such a dramatic improvement!"

Ricky and Judy Taylor, Parents, Hewitt, TX: "Our family has been involved in IDEACHAIN for about six months. We have a son in the 10th grade and a daughter in the 4th grade. Both children are ADHD and have problems with reading comprehension. During the past six months (working with IDEACHAIN) we have seen improvements in reading comprehension and memory retention. Also, we are seeing improvements in their overall performance in school. Their self-esteem is gradually increasing as we proceed through this study course. An attitude of "I can" instead of "I can't" is beginning to surface. IDEACHAIN has provided us with the tools and skills necessary to help our children improve reading comprehension, word recognition, and retention of the material they read."

Kim Vandine, Parent, Hewitt, TX: "Since Becca has been participating in the IDEACHAIN program we have seen improvements in many different areas. Her recall of information has improved and she is now able to stay focused on her homework without being prompted continuously. Most importantly, her self-esteem and self-confidence have improved tremendously! She is very inquisitive now -- anxious to learn!"

I'll show you how the professionals do it, and make it easier for you...

This is not a quick fix nor is it magic...and I'll quickly tell you it won't happen overnight, which you probably already know. But if you will follow the educational exercises in the order I give them to you, you will see the awakening in the mind of the mental processes needed to understand and remember incoming information. And this is the first step toward improving mental imaging and increasing reading comprehension. Here are just a few of the things you will learn from IDEACHAIN:

  • how to help an individual remember what he sees or hears
  • what specific gesture indicates when an individual is building a picture in his mind's eye
  • what questions enable an individual to gather more than just basic facts
  • the best way to respond to an incomplete answer
  • how to ask questions that create a starting point for mental imaging, which is the key to improved comprehension
  • specific strategies that offer support to a struggling learner
  • how to study vocabulary words so they stick
  • how to add more fun to the lessons
  • how to cue memory - and forever remember key ideas
  • how to work with an individual who is in constant motion
  • how to sustain IDEACHAIN when you have "one of those weeks"
  • how to switch roles with the learner to give him the experience of leading the way
  • how to make reading an active, thinking process when mental images begin to blossom
  • how to support the learner in applying IDEACHAIN concepts to homework
  • how to use mental pictures to answer factual and inferential questions
  • more on how IdeaChain works...
The most important thing IDEACHAIN gives you is a set of tools which provides you with skills that make life and learning easier and more rewarding. With the IDEACHAIN program you get all six lessons in a customized binder, providing well over 30 hours of instruction. Each lesson includes:
  • An Overview - To give you background information and get you off to a quick start!
  • Lesson Notes - To highlight pertinent points in each lesson
  • A Student Orientation (Lesson 1 only) - To explain to the student what you will be doing in your IDEACHAIN program
  • The Lesson Script - To be read as is or review the script and use your own words
  • A Tracking Chart - To record progress
  • A section on Other Activities - A handy guide to reinforce ideas anytime, anyplace
  • Teacher Notes - To share your program and progress with your teacher

Also provided are Photographs, Colored Squares, and a 3 color Highlighter - To complete the exercises and activities outlined in the program.

What Is IDEACHAIN Going To Cost? Look at it this way...

  • With IDEACHAIN you will have well over 50 hours of high quality, high pay-off instruction.
  • If your child attended a learning center four times a week, the cost for a comparable number of hours would approach $1500. And the learning center will likely repeat the same strategies that your child had in school.
  • A certified teacher/tutor would charge $20-$80 per hour, so 50 hours of instruction would cost between $1000 and $4000. This assumes you could find someone to address comprehension by building mental imaging, which is not very likely. And attending a learning center or taking your child to a tutor also entails the additional time, effort and expense of chauffeuring them back and forth to the appointments. For an adult learner it is even harder to find a tutor with the skill to go straight to the heart of professional problems.
  • You might consider buying off-the-shelf software, but there is none on the market that addresses the basic problem of understanding and remembering. If you were to look at customized software, you're talking about several thousand dollars. Unfortunately, speed reading and memory courses do not do the job -- as many adult learners have found out..

IDEACHAIN, on the other hand, costs only $297 (plus sales tax in Texas). And the good news is that this bargain allows you to spend quality time with your child, set up your own schedule and work in your own house at your own pace, or, for adults (for a limited time), to receive one-on-one coaching.

MindPrime Money Back Guarantee - Let us take the risk....

Our guarantee is that this program will give you the knowledge and skills needed to build comprehension or your money back. Take a full 30 days to use the IDEACHAIN Reading Comprehension Program for yourself or with your child. Apply all the techniques and strategies and begin to grow and experience the confidence that comes from understanding and remembering what you read. If you change your mind, return the program for a refund of the full program price!

To develop a love of reading and learning, order your copy today. Almost everywhere in the United States you will have your copy in hand in four business days or less. Just click on this Order Desk link and it will provide you with all the information you need, including our optional installment purchase plan.

We look forward to working with you!

Jane Wilkinson
MindPrime, Inc.

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