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Testimonials for the IdeaChain Reading Comprehension Program

I found it to be educationally sound, clearly written and extremely exciting

"It was a privilege to review MindPrime's IdeaChain program. I found it to be educationally sound, clearly written and extremely exciting. So much is available for decoding but (until IdeaChain) nothing is currently on the market for comprehension with an emphasis on imaging. Congratulations on a wonderful concept and a job well done.

It is my opinion that IdeaChain is an excellent tool for parents to use since it is well conceived, clear, simple to understand and meets a real need."

Dainey D. Lege', Ph.D. Professor of Education
Texas Southern University
Houston, TX

The IdeaChain Program establishes a foundation for communication between the child and parent . . .

 "Thank you for the opportunity to review MindPrime's IdeaChain program. I and several members of the department have examined the lessons.

I think IdeaChain is a valuable supplemental material for parents, especially when a child has language difficulties. This is very basic material that establishes a foundation for communication between the child and parent."

Kathy Whipple, Ph.D. Former Department Chairman,
Communication Sciences and Speech Disorders
Baylor University
Waco, TX

"I do not think that I have heard 'I hate school' yet this year!"
J. Taylor, TX

Her grades have improved straight across the board . . .

"Dear Jane,
Just a quick update on Laura: I am beginning to notice an improvement on Laura's grades and school work. I homeschool so I see first hand what is happening. Her grades have improved straight across the board.

Today, in her language assignment, she needed to write compound sentences with a complete subject, complete predicate, predicate adjective and nominative. In the past her sentences have been very childish and, at best, maybe 6 words long. I was so amazed! Not only were her sentences complete, they were compound sentences loaded with more detail than she has ever written on her own. Yes, she wrote them on her own with no help from me. I know she is making that transition to abstract thinking, but this is such a dramatic improvement!

Of course I gushed all over her with praise. I look so forward to the progress she will make. Her goal is to be able to go to the public school next year. We'll see what kind of progress she makes....

Thank you so very much. I feel there is finally hope for my girl!"
M. McCall, OR

Your support is very much appreciated . . .

Hi Jane,
Yes! IDEACHAIN® has arrived! I was really impressed with the speed at which you got it to us (ordered on Tues, arrived on Thurs).

….Thanks very much for your follow up and dedication to our program. Your support is very much appreciated.
Take care,
B. Bechtold, IL

IdeaChain has completely changed his attitude . . .

"Jacob, our sixteen year old, hasn’t studied on his own in the past…..During the past several months, IdeaChain has completely changed his attitude about applying himself and becoming a better student".
R. Taylor, TX

I was impressed with your personal attention and concern . . .

Thank you Ms. Wilkinson for your inquiry. I am impressed with your personal attention and concern for my son and his progress. . . .Thank you for your interest and the toll-free number to use for assistance!
V. Martin, NY

Baylor University project - a semester of growth in 14 weeks . . .

Lake Air Middle School - Baylor University - MindPrime, Inc. Study

The impact of a method of explicit mental imagery instruction on the reading comprehension test scores of regular curriculum sixth grade students

In 14 weeks of instruction the mean change was a gain of 0.4 of a year (5 months) in reading comprehension. In a class where 78% of the class scored 40th percentile and below on the pre-test, there was a gain of a semester growth in the 14 weeks of instruction.

In a class where 78% of the class scored 40th percentile and below, 62% of the students showed a gain in reading comprehension. Of these students demonstrating improvement, the average gain was 13 percentile points and a grade equivalent increase of 1.1 year for the 14 weeks of instruction.

Segmenting the data further, 44% of the total student population both pre-tested below the 40th percentile and also demonstrated a gain in reading comprehension. The average gain for this group was 14 percentile points and a grade equivalent gain of 1.3 years for the 14 weeks of instruction.

Randy Wood, Ph.D., 254-710-2410
Baylor University
Department of Education

We are impressed with their experience, instincts and initiative . . .

"…Our observations are that the MindPrime (IdeaChain) program is most comprehensive, cohesive and user friendly. The marketing approach is consumer oriented and provides a no-hassle money-back guarantee. As members of the Better Business Bureau they have secured the BBB Online designation for authentication of their business...We are all very impressed with their experience, instincts and initiative in making MindPrime successful…"

Leo Sullivan
Certified Business Development Specialist
McLennan Community College/Small Business Development Center
Waco, TX

I am so impressed with how involved you are . . .

….I am so impressed with how involved you are with e-mailing me and your attentiveness on such a personal basis. This makes a huge difference! I feel encouraged that no matter what situations we may encounter, you can assist us and insure that my son will successfully complete the program.
K. Jameson, IN

IdeaChain helped 5 of my struggling students go from Level 1 to Level 3 . . .

Thank you for being so prompt (program arrived in three days). We are almost halfway through our school year. By receiving this program we hope that we will make a lifetime impact with our struggling comprehenders. I am excited about this and look forward to your input should we need your assistance and guidance in implementing the program successfully with proficiency for our boys and girls. Again, thank you.

And later, Donna wrote again:
After using the reading comprehension program IDEACHAIN, I am happy to report that all of my struggling readers except for two achieved Level 3’s in Reading! ….these tools helped about 5 of my struggling readers to go from a Level 1 to a Level 3 in reading which makes me proud to have found and used your product.
Donna K. Deans (teacher), MS

I am very much impressed with the format of your program . . .

Jane, Hi! I have begun your program with several of my students. I am very much impressed with the format of your program! It truly would be easy for a parent to follow. The hand signs definitely make the difference. With just two lessons, I have already seen my students apply the signs as they use a rubric to evaluate their own writing of a legend. . .
Stacy Atwood (teacher), ID

It worked for us . . .daughter entering accelerated classes next school year . . .

Just wanted to let you know about our success! ....After working through it and playing games imaging all summer it worked for us. Our child has just completed the seventh grade and will be entering Challenge Classes (accelerated classes) next fall for the eighth grade. She has always been an A student, but never really knew what she was learning. That DOES make sense for someone who memorizes well, but does not comprehend!

Our entire family has learned a lot about Reading, a subject we cannot live without. We are so grateful that you were attentive to your students and cared for them enough to develop and implement such a program.
Thanks again,
B. Shepherd, TX

Teacher feels approach also enhances pragmatic skills, vocabulary development and written language production . . .

Just wanted to drop a line after I read the latest newsletter….I was a lucky winner of your program last year and I have incorporated (the strategies) into my lessons this year. So far I am impressed with the presentation. I appreciate the theory interwoven with the practical how to’s. Your suggestions on how to make it work enable the start of the program to occur quickly.

Interestingly enough our school district’s staff development days were spent on so many of the concepts that are used in the MindPrime program. I feel very fortunate that I was a lucky winner and I know that my students are having an opportunity for a systematic approach to cognitive concepts that will enhance, I feel, not just their reading comprehension but also .... pragmatic skills, vocabulary development, written language production etc. Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to use your product.
Pat Rakovic MA CCC/SLP (language therapist), RI

For the first time I really feel like my son is making progress . . .

I had to email and let you know that for the first time I really feel like my son is making progress! ….Up till now the images he has created have been very plain, i.e., people and animals were neither fat, thin, tall or short – always average. Backgrounds were always nondescript – white walls usually, etc. Anyway, last night he came up with a very detailed description of a lawn chair! It was flowered in a particular way, etc. The background was actually the most interesting – he described about four layers of background – one behind the other and described what was to the right and left of each other. ....So, I was very encouraged. ….Thanks for the program!
K. Schmidt, MA

After talking with you, I felt very comfortable . . .

….after talking with you I felt very comfortable. It was great to be able to talk with you because of your teaching background and you seemed very understanding and it felt very personalized…as opposed to placing an order with a rep that is just reading instructions to you when you have questions….it was great!
Thanks again!
A. Espinosa, NY

The teachers were pleased that we're doing the IdeaChain program . . .

….I took the book (IdeaChain manual) to a teacher conference this morning, and explained the program’s concept. The teachers were very pleased that we’re doing (the) IDEACHAIN (program). They felt it will be most helpful. They hadn’t heard of it, but they believe that creating mental pictures is key to reading comprehension success.
C. Nielsen, NC

Some exciting developments . . .

I wanted to share some exciting developments. Around three months ago, my daughter’s speech therapist was working on getting her to describe more than two attributes to a given picture. My daughter struggled with this and they finally went on to something else. Just two weeks ago, the therapist was going to demonstrate to an internist how difficult this was for my daughter, and she (daughter) blew them away. She spontaneously, rapid fire described grapes with four attributes and no cueing.

....We are practicing a lot with magazine pictures while we drive around. She is just about ready to add the next signals. It is making a difference, and my daughter seems excited about it as well. We are working on conversation skills in conjunction with it.
Thank you so much,
L. Peterson, IL

I have really seen an improvement in his grades as well as his attitude . . .

"We started the program at the first of the summer and since school has started I have really seen an improvement in his grades as well as his attitude.

Last year he was withdrawn and had few friends and didn’t want to be involved in outside activities. This year he is in Boy Scouts, he plays soccer and has friends calling and coming over all the time. I see him, finally, coming out of his shell and it is such a joy for me, as a parent, to watch..."
D. Hanford, TX

Her self-esteem and self-confidence have improved tremendously . . .

"Since Brianna has been participating in the IdeaChain program we have seen improvements in many different areas. Her recall of information has improved and she is now able to stay focused on her homework without being prompted continuously.

Most importantly, her self-esteem and self-confidence have improved tremendously! She is very inquisitive now -–anxious to learn!"
K. Vandine, TX

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