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School Use of IdeaChain for Reading Comprehension Improvement

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School Use Of MindPrime's IdeaChain® Program To Improve Reading Comprehension

  1. What is MindPrime's IdeaChain program?
    IdeaChain is a reading comprehension program that specifically targets reading comprehension improvement. It is a scripted program of activities that awaken and strengthen the mental imaging or mental picturing that underlies comprehension.

  2. Who is a candidate for MindPrime's IdeaChain program? Students who:
    • Read adequately or well but do not understand or remember a story or lesson - or, may remember parts, but not get the whole idea or concept
    • Have big problems collecting and organizing thoughts for writing. Writing is bland and tends to wander or does not make a point.
    • Have attention that drifts when reading or listening
    • Relate experiences in a scattered or fragmented way, requiring the listener to ask question after question to get the whole story
    • Have difficulty following directions, particularly if the directions involve multiple steps
    • Sometimes make "off-the-wall" comments during conversations
    • If reading decoding has been a problem, continue to struggle with reading the words even
    after special training in a structured language (Orton-Gillingham) reading program.

  3. Can MindPrime's IdeaChain program be used in a classroom setting?
    IdeaChain was designed for use with one to five students. It works well with small group instruction and, because it is scripted, may be used immediately by a teacher, paraprofessional, or volunteer. With adaptation, IdeaChain can be used in a regular curriculum classroom setting. Please call for information on full class use.

  4. How long and how often must MindPrime's IdeaChain program be done?
    For students with serious comprehension problems, 25 to 40 minutes 4 times a week is recommended. Students who demonstrate serious reading comprehension difficulty may need four to nine months instruction. As most teachers know, learning is an individual process and there is a wide variation in the rate of student progress. For general comprehension improvement less time per day is required and the strategies can be folded into regular curriculum pre- or post-reading instruction.

  5. How much teacher preparation time is needed to do MindPrime's IdeaChain program?
    Since IdeaChain is scripted for small group instruction, teacher preparation time is kept to a minimum. However, many teachers may want to incorporate materials from their own classroom to enhance student engagement. Please call about adaptation to regular curriculum full class use.

  6. What qualifications does an IdeaChain instructor need?
    An IdeaChain instructor primarily needs good sense and a desire to help students who struggle with reading comprehension. The advantage of having a script to follow is that the instructor - teacher, paraprofessional or volunteer - can advance with the confidence that each activity is done correctly, at the right time in the right order. For full classroom use within the regular reading curriculum, teacher training is recommended.

  7. Will a MindPrime representative come to your school to explain the IdeaChain program?
    Yes, arrangements can be made for a representative to visit with you and answer questions you may have about your students or how IdeaChain can fit into your present instructional process.

  8. How do you explain to a teacher or parent what is going on when a student can read well, but does not understand and remember what was just read?
    Please invite the teacher or parent to MindPrime's website, We have developed a visual presentation to explain the mind's use of mental imaging to support comprehension. Click the first link in the left column above, Why people cannot understand and remember even though they read words well, to see the presentation. A teacher or parent will see this link on the home page of MindPrime's website.

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