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Some people can read words faster than they can construct meaning . . .

MindPrime provides a reading comprehension program designed to help individuals understand and remember more of what they read. Appropriate for students with ADD, ADHD, ADDH, attention deficit disorder, attention deficit disorder hyperactivity, and learning disabilities.


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Do you know how difficult and frustrating it is to find an effective teaching strategy for individuals who don't grasp ideas completely? What MindPrime's IdeaChain Program delivers is a sure-fire, clear and easy, step by step path to improve reading comprehension in three months.

MindPrime's IdeaChain Program is designed for children, adolescents and adults. Our clients are elementary and high school students, college and graduate students, Ph.D.'s, CPA's, MD's and workforce individuals at entry or management levels. Comprehension is a life skill critical for personal, academic and professional growth.

Comprehension means understanding what you read. Some people can read words faster than they can construct meaning. Understanding flows from the words that are read and the mental images created or awakened by the words. Weak mental images are tied to poor understanding, low vocabulary, weak sequencing, missing main idea, little inferencing and poor critical thinking skills.

You can clearly hear when someone reads aloud poorly. Unfortunately, you hear nothing and you see nothing when an individual has problems generating mental images to create meaning as they read..

Mental images construct meaning and organize thoughts. Think of the meaning of surprise or anger or joy. Yes, you can define those concepts in words, but you also SEE expressions and body language that are core to your understanding.

There is a critical path to teaching mental imaging, and thus, good comprehension. Critical path means that there is a specific order of activities that produce the best results most quickly.

As each activity is completed and the learning verified by specific behavior, the next most important activity is immediately introduced. This makes MindPrime's IdeaChain Program effective quickly.

MindPrime's IdeaChain Program targets basic understanding and gives students, in clear bite-size pieces, the skill needed to understand and remember more of what they read.   

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How IdeaChain Works
What IdeaChain Can Do For You Or Your Family

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