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The IDEACHAIN site was designed to provide information for

  • individuals who struggle with ADD/ADHD, and also
  • have problems understanding and remembering what they read and hear.

How are shifting attention and poor reading comprehension related?

  1. If you don't understand what you read, you lose track of what is going on and your attention is likely to drift. This happens to some people sooner than others . . . after a sentence, after a paragraph, after a page or several pages, or from one chapter to the next.
  2. Once you have lost the thread of the reading, it is awfully hard to pick it up again.
  3. Depending on one's sitck-to-itivness, an individual usually begins to reread material. If comprehension is slow in coming, you may loose track again (and reread). . . and again (and reread). . . and again.

Individuals with poor comprehension have a very difficult time grasping the whole of what is being read, although they may well get parts of the lesson or story. Some people only have trouble when they read. Others have trouble when they read and when they listen.

MindPrime’s IDEACHAIN program helps an individual connect ideas and see relationships so that he or she gets the whole picture. It improves the ability to communicate as well as organize ideas for writing. Use the links to the left to explore MindPrime's IDEACHAIN program.

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