IdeaChain is designed to improve reading (and listening) comprehension.
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IdeaChain is a product of MindPrime, Inc.

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IdeaChain is appropriate for individuals with ADD/HD, dyslexia, and general comprehension problems.

IDEACHAIN, from MindPrime, Inc., works like no other reading program

"…It was a privilege to review….MindPrime’s IdeaChain program. I found it to be educationally sound, clearly written and extremely exciting. So much is available for decoding but (until IdeaChain) nothing is currently on the market for comprehension with an emphasis on imaging. Congratulations on a wonderful concept and a job well done.

It is my opinion that IdeaChain is an excellent tool for parents to use since it is well conceived, clear, simple to understand and meets a real need…"

Dainey D. Lege’, Ph.D.
Professor of Education
Texas Southern University
Houston, TX



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