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Just a quick update on Laura (age 13, on Lesson 4): I am beginning to notice an improvement on Laura's grades and school work. I homeschool so I see first hand what is happening. Her grades have improved straight across the board.

Today, in her language assignment, she needed to write compound sentences with a complete subject, complete predicate, predicate adjective and nominative. In the past her sentences have been very childish and, at best, maybe 6 words long. I was so amazed! Not only were her sentences complete, they were compound sentences loaded with more detail than she has ever written on her own. Yes, she wrote them on her own with no help from me. I know she is making that transition to abstract thinking, but this is such a dramatic improvement!

Of course I gushed all over her with praise. I look so forward to the progress she will make. Her goal is to be able to go to the public school next year. We'll see what kind of progress she makes....

Thank you so very much. I feel there is finally hope for my girl!

Glide, OR 



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