IdeaChain is designed to improve reading (and listening) comprehension.
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August 1999:

… Our family has been using IdeaChain for about six months. We have a son in the 10th grade and a daughter in the 4th grade. Both children are ADHD and have problems with reading comprehension.

During the past six months (working with IdeaChain) we have seen improvements in reading comprehension and memory retention. Also, we are seeing improvements in:

  • their overall performance in school,
  • their self-esteem is gradually increasing as we proceed through this study course,
  • an attitude of "I can" instead of "I can’t" is beginning to surface.

IdeaChain has provided us with the tools and skills necessary to help our children improve reading comprehension, word recognition, and retention of the material they read.

Joshua, our sixteen year old, hasn’t studied on his own in the past…..During the past several months, IdeaChain has completely changed his attitude about applying himself and becoming a better student.

  • When he doesn’t understand something, he asks for help.
  • He is studying on his own and is remembering what he reads.
  • He has (in the past) repeatedly said he could not memorize anything and was stupid. This statement has disappeared from his list of complaints.
  • We have a son that not only studies on his own, but also remembers!

My wife and I now have the communication skills to help him through the problem areas and the assurance that he will ask us to help when he does not understand.

Our daughter has also made remarkable improvements. We have struggled over the years with her to sit still long enough to complete homework. Work that should have taken 30 minutes would take two hours. Reading was almost impossible…..

  • Brittany can read now and understand what she reads.
  • She is also reading on her own. What a thrill it is to hear her burst out laughing at something she is reading.
  • Brittany’s attitude toward school has improved. This year we feel like we are going to make it through the fourth grade. I do not think that I have heard the phrase ‘I hate school’ yet this year.

The past six months have not only been a learning experience for our children. My wife and I have also benefited from IdeaChain. It has been a blessing to everyone in our family…"

August 2002:

On the TAAS, the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills - the Texas state educational test, Brittany's 7th grade reading comprehension score was one point off perfect.

Josh is a successful student in the business school at Baylor University and on track to graduate in May 2004.

Hewitt, TX





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