IdeaChain is designed to improve reading (and listening) comprehension.
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Find out why someone's mind jumps all over when they read -- and they end up with only pieces of the story.

How IdeaChain can -- and cannot -- help you improve reading comprehension.

The questions we are asked most oftern about IdeaChain.  If your question is not here, just let us know.

Great ideas for improving comprehension - anyone - any age!

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Articles, research papers from peer reviewed journals and books discussing the relationship of comprehension and mental imaging.

Difficulty following directions, particularly if the directions involve multiple steps

Children & Youths
(6 - 18 years old)

  • Totally forget what asked to do

  • Leaves out steps

  • Mix up the sequence of the steps

(College/University, Graduate School, Working)

  • Can follow instructions when a process is shown to them, but have trouble following oral or written directions

  • May be able to follow directions immediately after they are given, but cannot seem to remember them a few days later.
  • Do not respond well to company training programs. Forget the information

Learn how to understand and follow directions!

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