IdeaChain is designed to improve reading (and listening) comprehension.
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Find out why someone's mind jumps all over when they read -- and they end up with only pieces of the story.

How IdeaChain can -- and cannot -- help you improve reading comprehension.

The questions we are asked most oftern about IdeaChain.  If your question is not here, just let us know.

Great ideas for improving comprehension - anyone - any age!

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Articles, research papers from peer reviewed journals and books discussing the relationship of comprehension and mental imaging.

Relates experiences, communicates
in a scattered or fragmented way

Children & Youths
(6 - 18 years old)

  • When trying to relate a story or experience, frequently starts somewhere in the middle rather than at the beginning.

  • When the listener gets confused, just throws out more pieces of the story in hopes the listener can put it all together. Does not go back to the beginning or seem to understand how to pull things together.

  • When a listener repeatedly asks questions, the person having difficulty with communication may become irritated or agitated.

  • Can get frustrated enough to say, "Nevermind!" or "Just forget it!" and shut down.

  • Individual may become reluctant to share ideas or put forth ideas in class or in a social setting

(College/University, Graduate School, Working

  • Has difficulty knowing where to start explaining an idea and, as much or greater difficulty, knowing how to fix a explanation that has broken down.

  • When explaining something to a fellow student or coworker frequently gets signals from the listener that they are confused.

  • May realize that communication of ideas is difficult and hold back contributing ideas to a team effort

  • Friends and family comment that the individual cannot tell a joke or emplain something.

Learn how to immediately and fluidly correct broken communications and connect with other people!

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