IdeaChain is designed to improve reading (and listening) comprehension.
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IdeaChain is a product of MindPrime, Inc.

Find out why someone's mind jumps all over when they read -- and they end up with only pieces of the story.

How IdeaChain can -- and cannot -- help you improve reading comprehension.

The questions we are asked most oftern about IdeaChain.  If your question is not here, just let us know.

Great ideas for improving comprehension - anyone - any age!

Use IdeaChain risk free.

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Articles, research papers from peer reviewed journals and books discussing the relationship of comprehension and mental imaging.

If you notice two or more characteristics in the top four . . .

MindPrime's IdeaChain was designed specifically for you or your child. It teaches how lock in comprehension one step at a time. It puts you in the driver's seat and gives you the control to develop academic success or to pursue professional opportunities.

Click on the presentation, Why People Have Problems With Comprehension, to get additional insight into comprehension issues. Next, click How IdeaChain Works to view the foundation of the program and how it works to improve understanding and memory.

This is not an "all or nothing" issue . . .

There are individuals who have severe processing difficulty and get almost nothing from their reading. At the same time there are individuals who, with a great deal of hard work, have university degrees and are pursuing graduate studies.

What is important to understand is that the further an individual is up the line toward average or above average comprehension, the harder it is to spot and clearly identify the symptoms of poor imaging that interfere with comprehension. Yet comprehension problems stemming from poor imaging can be just as disruptive to an individual's personal goal of achieving an advanced degree, attending medical school or law school or advancing in their profession.


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